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Bernard Allum lives in Rochester Kent. He went to Harrow School of Art as a Junior Art student at 13 years of age, where he received a classical art education. On leaving art school he got a position as a Graphic Designer with Thames Television creating title sequences and designing logos and typefaces. He left to set up his own Design and Animation practice in Soho working for BBC1 and BBC2, Channel 4 and Five and major satellite and cable stations. He also had a portfolio of blue chip of non broadcast clients.

Pencils, pencils, pencilsCutaway JPG.JPG
A months pencil shavings

I always painted in my free time during my Graphic Design work career. In 2001 I decided to study for an MA in Fine Art with The London School of Art, Kennington before becoming a full time artist in 2003.

At present I work mainly in coloured pencil but also in oil and acrylic paint, and have exhibited and sold widely.

Dry Transfers for drawing embelishment
The Studio
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